The YMCA is the nation’s leading expert in water safety and swim instruction. In fact, millions of people have learned to swim at the Y throughout the last century. Along with Ys across the country, we have adopted a swim lesson curriculum that makes it easier for children and adults to become comfortable and safe in and around water. YMCA Swim Lessons begin with the development of basic self-rescue skills as well as building confidence and ease in the water. From there, swimmers refine the strokes they have learned and progress their skills. YMCA Swim Lessons also include character development, family involvement and safety education components.

The YMCA offers swim lessons for all skills levels in Lafayette, Boulder, Longmont, Johnstown and Cheyenne. YMCA Swim Lessons are organized by age, level and location.

Select A Level

Swim Starters/Parent-Child (6mo-3yr)

Get in the pool with your child and help them learn confidence, comfort and safety in the water.

Preschool Swim Lessons (Ages 3-5)

Learn the basics of water safety and swimming. Bubbles will be blown!

School Ages Swim Lessons (Ages 6-12)

Strengthen your knowledge and skill in the water.

Teen Swim Lessons (Ages 13-17)

No matter your skill level, find support to become a strong swimmer.

Adult Swim Lessons (Ages 18+)

No matter your skill level, find support to become a strong swimmer.

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Swim Lesson Levels


Not sure what swim level to choose? Use our lesson flow chart to help you select the applicable swim lesson level.