Lafayette Locomotive Hockey Lafayette Locomotive Hockey


Playing under the name of Lafayette Locomotive, HC Lafayette provides the family atmosphere expected from the YMCA and an experienced hockey leadership that will continue to grow the culture and programming at the Carlston Arena.

The Lafayette Locomotive offers both competitive and recreational hockey programming for players of all genders and skill levels from ages 4-18.

The Locomotive is affiliated with USA Hockey and follows its guidelines and standards for player development and safety. The organization is run by the YMCA of Northern Colorado and staffed by passionate and experienced coaches dedicated to providing the best youth hockey experience possible for all participants involved.

The Lafayette Locomotive name is a nod to the town’s rich railroad history that led to the mining expansion and settlement of Colorado in the late 1800s. Lafayette’s railroads served an important role in the support of rock mines in the Rocky Mountains and built the foundation for the close-knit community that we all know and love today.