The YMCA’s Prevention and Healing Programs focus on a variety of conditions, helping participants get healthier, build strength, gain knowledge, heal and target their specific needs. These classes offer support to people who are looking to prevent disease, recover from illness or injury or work through the symptoms and deficiencies caused by their conditions.


Combat the effects of Parkinson’s in these gentle fitness classes.


LIVESTRONG is a program designed to help adult cancer survivors reclaim their total health.


The Y offers SilverSneakers® classes as well as popular classes for older adults such as Better Balance and Chair Stretching.


Rest, recovery, and relaxation are essential to reaching fitness and lifestyle goals. Massage is a great addition to your rest days!

Has the Y Made an Impact on Your Life?

We are able to offer many of our Prevention and Healing programs free to participants thanks to grants and to our generous donors. If one of these programs has made a difference in your life, please consider sharing your story. These personal stories help our supporters understand how impactful their contributions are, and they encourage prospective donors to become involved.


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