The Y is associated with the Learn to Skate USA movement to make our skating programs more consistent and cohesive for all ages and levels. Learn to Skate USA provides a fun and positive experience for all skaters, inspiring a lifelong love of skating. With Learn to Skate USA, the Y will teach children and adults the fundamentals of ice skating while building confidence and providing a progressive curriculum that ensures success from the first steps on the ice to mastery of advanced skills. With this affiliation, we promote the health and fitness benefits of ice skating and equip each participant with the foundation necessary to reach their goal — be it recreation or competitive in nature. 

Adul Skate

The adult curriculum is designed for both beginning and experienced adult skaters who wish to improve their skating skills. Participation in the program will help promote physical fitness and improve balance and coordination while teaching proper skating techniques. This is an exciting program for people who look to skating as an enjoyable part of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

If you do not see registration available, we are either in the middle of a session, or registration for the session is full.  If you have questions please email Learn to Skate.


  1. Falling and recovery; on ice
  2. Forward marching
  3. Forward two-foot glide
  4. Forward swizzles (4-6 in a row)
  5. One forward swizzle/one backward swizzle (rocking horse)
  6. Dip
  7. Forward snowplow stop – two feet or one foot

  1. Forward skating across the width of the ice
  2. Forward one-foot glides, R and L
  3. Forward slalom
  4. Backward skating
  5. Backward swizzles (4-6 in a row)
  6. Two-foot turns in place

  1. Forward stroking using the blade properly (begin with repetitive one-foot pushes)
  2. Forward half-swizzle pumps on the circle; 6 to 8 in a row, clockwise and counterclockwise
  3. Moving forward to backward and backward to forward two-foot turn on a circle, clockwise and counterclockwise
  4. Backward skating into a long two-foot glide
  5. Forward chasses on a circle, clockwise and counterclockwise
  6. Backward snowplow stop, R and L

  1. Forward outside edge on a circle, R and L
  2. Forward inside edge on a circle, R and L
  3. Forward crossovers, clockwise and counterclockwise
  4. Backward one-foot glides, R and L
  5. Backward half-swizzle pumps on a circle, clockwise and counterclockwise
  6. Hockey stop, both directions

  1. Backward outside edge on circle, R and L
  2. Backward inside edge on a circle, R and L
  3. Backward crossovers, clockwise and counterclockwise
  4. Forward outside three-turn, R and L
  5. Forward swing rolls to a count of six
  6. Beginning two-foot spin

  1. Forward stroking with crossover end patterns
  2. Backward stroking with crossover end patterns
  3. Forward inside three-turn, R and L
  4. Forward outside to inside change of edge on a line, R and L
  5. T-stop, R or L
  6. Lunge
  7. Two-foot spin into one-foot spin
Ice: Learn to Skate & Figure Skating

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