At the Y, we believe in the power of developmentally appropriate progression. Through our sports programs, children and teens have a foundation on which they can develop as athletes, competitors and people. As they progress through our programs, their knowledge, skills and understanding of sportsmanship and teamwork progress as well. 


While we encourage our families to follow our progressive structure, rest assured that your child can begin their sports journey in any of our programs. Skills Clinics or Scrimmage and Skills programs are offered as both supplementary to our leagues as well as stand-alone programs that your child can enjoy without participating in a league.

Sports of All Sorts (Ages 3-4)

Programs designed to introduce our littlest athletes to the world of Y sports — a focus on learning and growing with friends, improving hand-eye coordination and introducing the basic concepts of all the sports we have to offer.

Learn to Play Leagues (Ages 5-6)

Your little athlete’s first league experience! These teams practice and play in the same fun-filled session each weekend. We introduce the concepts of being on a team and learning from a coach.

Recreational Leagues (Ages 7-9)

These leagues are all about learning and growing. Building a solid foundation in a supportive environment is the focus, and all games are played with heavily modified rules designed to support the success of players as they learn about being a part of a team and get a solid grasp of the fundamental skills. 

Developmental Leagues (Ages 9-11)

Our developmental leagues are designed to prepare players for the next level. With a focus on expanding players’ game play experience, we use slightly modified rules to support players as they develop and grow. 

Instructional Skills Clinics (Ages 7-15)

These are staff-led skill development sessions offered to all athletes regardless of league participation. They are designed to support players as they learn and grow their fundamental sports skills. They are perfect for beginners or athletes with experience — our coaches know their stuff!

Scrimmage and Skills (Ages 9-15)

These are staff-led sessions designed to help players develop their skills with a focus on real-game situations. Players will focus on a different skill each week and work with Y coaches to improve their fundamentals during scrimmages.

Competitive Leagues (Ages 11-15)

These leagues are perfect for our older athletes. They will provide a more competitive environment without losing sight of our focus on sportsmanship and fun. Game format and rules are designed to prep players for the next level — be it travel leagues or high school athletics.


Have questions? We have answers! From rosters and team sizes to registration fees and weather policies, we’ve compiled parent’s most frequently asked questions and important information to help prepare you for this season.


The mission of the Y Way to Play is to deliver quality sports programs that provide fun, foster sportsmanship and create opportunities for all to participate, learn and grow. It applies varied levels of progressive competition and builds a sense of community.


Being a volunteer coach for the YMCA is not just an opportunity to put your athletic experience to work. Coaching at the Y allows you to make a difference in your community and in the lives of local children. Become a mentor by teaching kids the Y way to play.


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