Infant Care

Come visit our brand-new YMCA Inspire Infant & Toddler Care space at the Y in the heart of the city of Boulder. This new program — licensed by the state of Colorado — will support families with little ones ages 6 weeks to 3 years old beginning April 1, 2024. 

YMCA Inspire Infant & Toddler Care at the Boulder Y will focus on providing individualized care that helps babies and toddlers meet developmental milestones. Our highly trained teachers ensure little ones are growing and learning: from feeding to tummy time to taking their first steps, our teachers will be there to nurture their growth and help them stay on track. Each infant and toddler will have the support of an individualized care plan, which will allow our staff to follow your little one’s sleep, bottle and activity schedule. Singing, reading books, playing and enjoying quiet time, our caregivers will work to develop bonds with your littles one, inspiring trust and nurturing comfort. 

While our new infant and toddler care space is located within the Boulder Y, it is accessible only to childcare staff and families registered in the program. 

The Y accepts CCAP and offers financial assistance to those who qualify.

Full-Day Care 
  • Infant care: 8am-5pm 
  • Toddlers ages 1-2 care: 8am-5pm 
  • Toddlers ages 2-3 care: 7am-6pm 
  • Monthly fee for infant care (6 weeks to 12 months): $2,460 
  • Monthly fee for toddlers ages 1-2 years: $2,300 
  • Monthly fee for toddlers ages 2-3 years: $1,980

Registration Fee

There is an annual non-refundable registration fee per child; $100 for preschool and $200 for infant/toddler care. Our registration system will not allow you to enroll until you’ve paid this fee. The registration fee is a requirement for all UPK enrollment and is the parent’s responsibility. The registration fee is good for the school year. Registration fees are waived for all families using authorized CCAP.

Registration is based on continuous enrollment. Registering on a month-to-month basis does not guarantee your child a spot in preschool.

Parent Resources

Review policies, financial assistance, CCAP, care for children with disabilities, the parent handbook and more. Y financial assistance participants may register online after their financial assistance has been approved. See our Parent Resources page for CCAP and other discount options.

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