Youth Volleyball

YMCA Youth Volleyball is a hit!

Volleyball was pioneered at the YMCA in the 1870s, and today our volleyball programs offer players the opportunity to learn and develop their skills and practice in a fun, uplifting environment. Players learn the basics of this technique-driven sport, including serving, passing, setting and hitting. They also grow to understand the game’s rules and strategies and become a part of a strong, supportive team. Sharpen your volleyball skills or gear up for school or club volleyball seasons in a team setting.

If you want to learn more about Y Sports, delve into the Y Way to Play and discover how our sports philosophy impacts coaches, players and parents.

The YMCA offers youth volleyball programs in Lafayette and Johnstown.


The YMCA’s Boulder County-based youth volleyball programs are brought to you by CU Athletics! Participants of the YMCA Jr. Buffs sports programs will receive the benefit of the expertise of both organizations. For each YMCA Jr. Buffs sport, CU has a team, so you can be sure to get the best youth sports experience possible.


Jr Buffs Volleyball