Get to Know Your Y Masters Swim Coaches

Feb 1, 2023, 10:50 AM by Emily Sampl

If you’ve always dreamt about rubbing shoulders with Olympians in the pool or on the pool deck, we’ve got great news for you.

The Y has assembled an all-star coaching staff that will knock your socks off – literally (no one swims in socks) – and have you swimming alongside and under the watchful eye of former Olympians, professional triathletes and top-notch swim coaches. 

Whether you’re new to swimming, looking to get into triathlons or a long-time competitive swimmer or triathlete, our coaches have the knowledge and expertise to get you on track to reach your goals in the pool, whatever they may be.

Get to know our coaching staff as they share more about their backgrounds and then grab your suit and goggles and head to the pool! 

Where are you from?

Dede Griesbauer: I grew up in New Jersey and went to Stanford University for college. I went back to the east coast for graduate school and spent 13 years in Boston before my husband and I relocated to Boulder. We’ve lived here for 10 years now. 

Julie Dibens: I’m originally from Salisbury, England and have lived in Boulder since 2009.

Ian O’Brien: I’m originally from England but I’ve lived in the United States since 2012 and now reside in Longmont. 

Amanda Mullinix: I am a Colorado native! I grew up in Loveland. 

Katie Kyme: I’m from Sydney, Australia. 

How long have you been coaching?

Dede Griesbauer: I’ve been coaching for about 16 years.

Julie Dibens: I’ve been coaching since 2006, and full time since 2014. 

Ian O’Brien: I’ve been coaching since 1996 in various roles, including track and field, track cycling, cycling and triathlon.

Amanda Mullinix: I have been coaching for about 15 years now.

Katie Kyme: I’ve been coaching for many years! 

How did you get started in coaching?

Dede Griesbauer: I got started as a coach because my next door neighbor in Boston wanted a coach to help her race her first Ironman. I had no idea what I was doing! But she finished with a smile, so I guess I did something right! I’ve been coaching alongside my professional racing career ever since! 

Julie Dibens: I started coaching following my professional racing career. 

Ian O’Brien: I was a volunteer coach while in school, and then continued coaching at the same time I was competing.

Amanda Mullinix: I started coaching with Loveland Swim Club. I have also coached at SwimLabs in Windsor and the masters program at Club Loveland gym. 

Katie Kyme: I’ve coached kids swimming, running and triathlon. I just love the sport and want to share my knowledge and experience. 

What’s your background in swimming, triathlon, etc.?

Dede Griesbauer: I’m a lifelong swimmer. I started swimming competitively at a young age and took it to the highest levels of the sport. I was a member of the U.S. National Team from 1989-1994, swam in two Olympic Trials and am a 3x NCAA champion. I discovered triathlon in grad school and raced my first Ironman (also my first triathlon) after graduating from business school. I thought it would be “one and done” but here I am, 20 years later.

Julie Dibens: I swam in college at LSU, then transitioned straight into triathlon. I raced professionally for about 15 years. 

Ian O’Brien: I’m a team USA Olympic coach and have coached many athletes to World Series podiums, major games medals and world championship titles in the sport of triathlon.

Amanda Mullinix: I have been swimming since I was 5 years old. I swam for Loveland Swim Club and for my middle and high school swim teams.

Katie Kyme: I’ve been involved with three sports all my life. I retired from professional triathlon at the end of 2019 (great timing given COVID) under Julie Dibens, and have been coaching with her ever since! 

What do you do outside of coaching at the Y?

Dede Griesbauer: I’m a professional triathlete. This is my 18th season as a pro, and I’ve been in the sport for 20 years. I’m also a triathlon coach, and I do live commentary for IRONMAN as well as live commentary for IRONMAN races broadcast on Facebook Watch and Outside TV. 

Julie Dibens: I run a coaching business. I predominantly coach triathletes, but really all endurance sport athletes. I still like to adventure and ride my bike. 

Ian O’Brien: I coach a full time professional Olympic triathlon training group based out of the Lafayette Y.

Amanda Mullinix: Outside of coaching at the Y I am an early childhood para for the Thompson School District. 

Katie Kyme: I’m a full time triathlon coach for Julie Dibens Coaching.

How would you describe your coaching philosophy or approach to swimmers who are interested in joining masters at the Y? 

Dede Griesbauer: I’ve had so many wonderful experiences and opportunities in my life from sport. I’ve managed to make a career in sport! I love to share my passion for sport with the athletes I coach. No matter their goals, whether they are new to sport or want to race their first sprint triathlon or win an Ironman, I love getting on board to help them achieve their goals. 

Julie Dibens: We like to work hard but have fun at the same time. The group is definitely tailored towards more dedicated, disciplined athletes, but all abilities are welcome.

Ian O’Brien: We are an inclusive and welcoming group. We welcome swimmers who seek the chance to develop their stroke and fitness, while getting to swim alongside some of the world’s best triathletes. It may seem intimidating but we like to have fun training and are very approachable and collaborative. We welcome you to join our masters swim sessions.

Amanda Mullinix: It doesn’t matter what level swimmer you are, we can all be successful swimmers and have fun together! 

Katie Kyme: I try to meet athletes where they’re at. I don’t expect everyone to be super-fast or full on dedicated, but I do expect a willingness to work hard and have fun. If you tell me big goals, I’ll push you, but if you’re here to enjoy then we’re all about that too!