Figures help develop precise control of your edges. This is done through various stages of circular patterns, which help the skater fine-tune forward and backward edges, along with a variety of turns and loops. The skater is given a set piece of ice and scribes are provided to draw your circles. This class can cover three turns, brackets, counters, rockers, forward and backward loops, clean and precise centers, and how to lay out a figure on clean ice. This class is for skaters who already have the basics of skating and are comfortable on the ice (Adult 5/6, Freeskate 2, Pre-Preliminary, and above). Rental skates are not provided, you must bring your own.

Free for facility members. Non-members can join a drop-in session for the guest fee. 

Check the Facility Schedule under ‘Carlston Ice Arena’ for class days and times.


Figure Skating


Improve your figure skating skills on and off the ice during our Figure Skating Clinic! Throughout the summer and during holidays we offer half-day intensives, focusing on jumps, spins, edges, artistry, power skating, and off-ice conditioning. Clinics are available for youth and adult skaters. Your own skates are required and skaters must have passed or be currently enrolled in Basic Skills 5/6 or Adult 5/6 for participation. 

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